søndag 9. september 2012

Country of Barathia

Barathia, the land of the giantkin and mountains.

The few humans that live in this country reside in the southeastern parts of the country behind thick and tall stone walls.

In other parts of the country you find a few settlements of giantkin. Whereas in the mountains there are big caves carved out of the mountains where the king of giants reside.

Giantkin are humanoid creatures who have some resemblance with humans, though their size is rather different. They have many names, but they are often referred to as trolls, giants, ogres, cyclopes, dwarves and gnomes.
(The latter two may also be referred to as midgetkin.)

Little trade is done between this country and Marrachia due to the man-eating giants that pour over the boarders, making the lies of the Marrachians quite difficult.

Politically, the country is run by the Mountain King AKA, the biggest and toughest of the giants. Anyone who opposes him is deemed outlaws and exiled from the country.

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