lørdag 24. mars 2012

The Almighty Bob

As High Priest Ted tells us, in the beginning there were nothing. Then suddenly there were something. That something turned out to be Bob. (Some call him just Bob, others believe it stands for Big Old Being or perhaps Benevolent Obscure Builder. Nevertheless, the religion of Bob is convinced that Ted knows what he is speaking about and that he is not pulling this info out of his ass.)

The almighty Bob was one day rather bored (granted it wasn't a day considering there was no light, but anyway) and thus decided to create a world out from the dust in his eye. And before him a a chunk of rock appeared. A tickle in his nose annoyed him ever so slightly and when he sneezed upon the world wind and water covered the world. (It has been debated, even fought over, whether or not the almighty Bob deliberately breathed on the world, or whether he accidentaly sneezed.)

Still the world looked awfully cold to him and he grinded his teeth. He did it so hard sparks appeared and lit a fire in the world.

The almighty Bob twirled his almighty moustache (because as High Priest Ted said an almighty being must also have an almighty moustache) and thought himself content with the world, though it seemed rather devoid of any activity.

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