torsdag 29. mars 2012

The worldmap

The information is surely to change as I figure out more.

Marrachia is lead by a really religious cult who are really fanatically against the use of magic.

Thardevaal is lead by a king whos land is divided into various counties. Each county is lead by a count or baron or the female equivalent.

The Mermaid isles used to be a very rich kingdom which focused on hunting mermaids and selling them as slaves and /or products. Then something happened and its once rich kingdom was divided by civil war and its culture degenerated into savage tribes.

The Twisted Isles are mostly barren volcanic rocks. A citadel is built on the biggest of the isles and is situated around a dormant volcano. The king is said to rule from his citadel, though is never actually seen. The isles earns their living through trade of magical sulphur and other alchemy related compoments.

The Jawhanian empire is ruled by the emperor Jawhan, though the high king Dormius usually acts in his stead as the emperor himself rarely finds interest in common politics. The empire itself is very powerful when it comes to both army size and magic and thus a word from the emperor himself can afflict politics in other countries.

The forest kingdom is as the title suggest, mostly covered in forest. Rumours of fantastic creatures and a fairie queen is often heard about this place. There are rumours that the inhabitants are somewhat plantlike in nature.

Unduara is a rather flat country. Though it is ruled by a king, there are various warlords that rule the area as well, leaving the king in a position that is not very powerful.

Barathia is a rather mountaineous country. It is quite possible that giants roam the land.

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