mandag 2. april 2012

Geographical map of Ylathal

More maps!

Thardevaal and Unduara is seperated by a mountain range. Thardevaal is more swamp-like and foresty whereas Unduara is flat with less vegetation.

The Twisted Isles consist of barren isles surrounding a somewhat dormant volcano.

The Forest kingdom of Linara is as the name suggests rather filled with, you guessed it, forest!

Ceneria, I haven't really though about it, but I guess there would be rivers and such there.

The Jawhanian empire and Marrachia is seperated by a rather big mountain range. The empire is rather well suited for making food.

Marrachia is somewhat more barren, but it stretches up to the northwest.

Barathia has a lot of mountains and is the home to giantkin.

The Mermaid isles is as the name suggests home to mermaids.

Now, don't fret. I will go into more detail about the different countries as time progresses.

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