tirsdag 10. april 2012


Thardevaal is a country set to the western part of the current known world.
It is divided into 11 counties, each ruled by a duke, baron or count. (Some sort of nobility at least.)
Well, technically it could be 10 dukes, and one king.

It has quite the amount of forests and villages, though the midst of the country suffer from heavy deforestation.



The king calls himself the main descendant of Midas, a powerful wizard that lived a couple of millenia ago. Though watered out, the descendants still have some of his powers. The nobles of each county also claims to be Midas descendants, though not in the same degree as the king.

Many of the nobles sons are sent southward to guard the bastions in the Jagged Peak mountains whereas others take up hire on the ships that sail for trade.

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