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As you can see on the map, Unduara and Thardevaal is seperated by a mountain range called the Jagged Peaks. (Suggestions for better name?)
The mountain range does not really belong to either country as there are no resources to claim there. Also it is quite filled with dangerous creatures such as harpies and other things that can fly.

To avoid raid parties from the south, old Thardevaalian kings erected garrisons to protect the mountain passages from Unduara to Thardevaal. These garrisons are where the bastard sons of nobles are sent to when they have no useful things to do elsewhere. (Inspiration from Game of Thrones here I guess.)

A large amount of the human population have settled by the coast or by the big lake that is placed in the middle of the country.

A big portion of the inhabitants of the country are tribes. These would be somewhat taurish in their looks.

The Grey Lands are rather unknown. What one do know about it, is that it is probably the most cursed place on the whole country. Nothing grows, the sun doesn't shine and the dead are restless.

The mountains to the north are populated by opportunistic harpies who tend to either help Unduarans, Thardevaalians or generally just plunder everyone who passed through depending on the situation.

The centaurs and/or the hoofed ones are a vegetarian race mized between humans and horses. They tend to help out with more physical work in exchange for pay. Most notably carrying stuff that would be too heavy for normal humans.

To the southeast lives the Carni-Taurs (Or the Pawed ones as they are called). Like the centaurs they have a human half, unlike the centaurs they have a feline half as well. Also, sphinxes and manticores tend to gather in this area. The various tribes in this area are carnivores in nature, but being somewhat civilized they rely on trading between the center town, the river villages and the towns by the coast.

To the west bordering the Gray lands lives the Scaled ones. Creatures who are somewhat humanoid in shape, but with snake and lizardlike behaviours and looks. They consist of rather warlike tribes.

The midst of the country lives the largest populations of humans ruled by a king who at some point in the past managed to gain the respect of the various tribes around the country. The capitol is situated around the big lake whereas it also has quite the trade with both the river villages and the coast towns.

At the south the islefolk lives. They originally joined the kingdom as to profit from the trading opportunities which the newly arranged country could provide.

At the very west the Gray lands are. Once upon a time it used to belong to the grand Necromancer Unduar, though once he vanished it became quite the point of attraction for various adventurers. Not all of them returns however.

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