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The Twisted Isles

The Twisted Isles is a collection of smaller isles situated around a rather big volcanic one. The seas around these isles are violent and filled with reefs and sunken ships. A few villages have settled on these isles and try their best to live off the land. It is not easy and sometimes one can find abandoned villages upon some of the isles whereas the inhabitants had to leave due to little food.

Within the main isle there are a few notable things. First of all the rather huge city surrounding the dormant volcano. The city is the capitol of the isles and is seen as having tall walls and towers that no human could ever hope to climb. (Not all of the city is whole though, there are some ruined parts as well, though they are trying to rebuild it.)

The second place of population on the isle is the harbor town where all the ships gather. The merchants gather up their wares and then travel into the city to sell their stuff.

About the population:
The inhabitants of the villages and harbor town are human. The majority of the city population is something completely else however. That something else can be described as demonic in nature. It should be noted that even though the capitol is filled with demons, it is quite a civil population. These demons are not giantious in size, but range from the size from imp to taller horned ones.

The most infamous part of the city is the Black Market.
Whereas one would trade normal things in other parts of the city, the black market is the place where one can buy and sell anything and everything. This ranges from ones voice to ones soul for the sake of talents or very powerful magic.
This includes, but it is not limited to:
The color of one’s eyes, the texture of one’s skin, the ability to whistle etc.

Each trade in the black market is done by signing a contract by both participants in the trade.
It should be noted that one is able to buy and sell slaves at the market, though there is a slight catch. Demons only acknowledge the ownership of a slave when the slave itself has written its name on a contract on ownership. If not, well, no trade.

The main trade items of the city:
The currencies are: Copper, Silver, gold coins and souls.
Exports: Sulphur, mercury, enchantment scrolls, curses, volcanic rocks and souvenirs.
Imports: Food (though demons doesn’t necessarily need to eat food, they do appreciate the taste), slaves (might be used for food).

Trade partners: Though the city can trade with anyone, their most favoured partners seems to be Thardevaal, Ceneria and Unduara.

No one defies the king, though there are trade guilds fighting in-between themselves to gain a more suitable position within the town.

The king is in fact Garkah the Unholy though during the wizard wars he was fused to his throne and has been unable to move from it since. That doesn't mean he is not able to exert his influence over the inhabitants of the town.

Garkah wasn't always a demonologist. Rumours say he originally was a very talented lawyer who managed to exploit a loophole in a demon lords contract and thus get his powers.

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