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The country of Marrachia

 Marrachia was originally a much smaller country, but during the last centuries it expanded its borders to the east and to the west where it met little resistance and quickly annexed the areas. Though the leaders of Marrachia have little control over the northwestern place, they still own it in the name.

 The country harbors a rather harsh hatred against magic anyone who uses magic. Though it hasn't been attacked by a wizard in a long time, it was totally devastated by magic users in a war a long time ago.

The survivors of said war survived thanks to inherent magic resistance and ability to spot magic. Fast forwarded today it means that there are very few magic users within the country, but very many who are able to fight against it.

The country is not at war against the Jawhanian empire, but there has been hostilities between them and they don't like eachother very much at the border.

At the northeast they do their best to protect the border against the constant onslaught of wild giants who constantly try to invade and tear their villages apart.

The country is divided into 6 different counties whereas each is controlled by a general. Each one has some responsibility of protecting the border against insurgents and invaders.

 The rule of the country is actually divided by the three upper generals who each have their base in the capitol. (the light green, teal and light blue counties.) They are the heads of the Red Cloaks which is a organization that is bent on hunting down any magic users as they see magic users as rather evil. The reasons may vary among the generals, but the result is the same.

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