onsdag 18. juli 2012

Jawhanian Empire

The Jawhanian empire is the country that has the biggest populace of all the countries in this world. The flat landscape allows the people to grow big crops of wheat and other things that can feed them. The long shore lines also allow for a lot of fishing and trade as well.

It has trade with the surrounding countries, though the mountains and desert to the north makes a natural border towards Marrachia whereas the border to the south is blocked mostly by the mountains there. There is little contact with the elves to the east, though there are some garrisons posted alongside the border.

The capitol is placed in the middle of the country, bordering two rivers on each side.

The country is ruled by the divine emperor Jawhan and the High king. (Basically, no one sees the emperor and the High Kings acts in his stead. Kinda like how the German-Roman Emperor was chosen by god, except here it is the high king who is chosen by the victor of the Wizard wars.)

The mountains to the north is said to be populated by angels. Though generally treated as divine, they are in fact descendants of Midas creations.

The country is divided up into various counties whereas each is ruled by a governor.

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